Basic Information Technologies-I, Basic Information Technologies-II and Computer-I courses are given in the associate degree and undergraduate programs of Sinop University, Department of Informatics. These courses aim to provide students with the basic computer knowledge that will enable them to practice and practice in their daily life.

Course Contents
ENF101 Basic Information Technologies-I (2 Credits, 2 ECTS / ECTS)
Information and communication technologies, basic concepts of software and hardware, operating systems and equipment, word processing program (MS Word)
ENF102 Basic Information Technologies-II (2 Credits, 2 ECTS / ECTS)
Presentation programs, MS Power Point material preparation, MS Excel spreadsheet and calculation program, Internet usage
ENF104 Computer-I (3 Credits, 4 ECTS / ECTS)
Information and communication technologies, basic concepts related to software and hardware, operating systems, MS Word word processing program, presentation preparation programs, preparation of presentation / presentation materials with MS Power Point, spreadsheet program MS Excel, internet use, web browsers.

Course Exemption
Exemption examinations of Basic Information Technologies-I, (ENF102) Basic Information Technologies-II courses are carried out for the first year students (ENF101) who are enrolled at the beginning of each academic year. Students who are responsible for the Computer-I course can also take the exemption examinations of ENF101 and ENF102 and can be exempted from the Computer-I course if they are successful in both exams (ENF104).
Applications to the exam are made in the first weeks of enrollment at the university or after the start of the education / training and exams are held at the date, time and place to be announced.
The type of exam, number of questions and duration is decided by the examination committee and announced to the candidates before the exam.
The content of the exemption exam is the same as the related course content stated in the link ında course contents Mu.
According to the absolute evaluation method in the exemption exams, students who have received at least sixty (60) achievement grades over a hundred (100) are considered successful from the related course.
Only new registrants can take the exemption exam. Students who have taken the relevant course and failed, cannot take the exemption test. (Students who have taken the course and succeeded cannot take the exemption test to increase the grade.)
Students who are newly enrolled with the DGS exam must apply for admission to the student affairs department of the faculty they enrolled at the Vocational High School. If they do not take similar courses, they can take the exemption exam.